How to Do Hanging Indent in Google Docs – 2 Best Methods

How to create Hanging Indent in Google Docs

We have been using Microsoft Word as the default document editor for most of the time. However, with the advancement in cloud technologies, web-based document editors like Google Docs are increasingly finding their use as the default document editor. In this post, we will explore different ways to create a hanging indent in Google docs, whether writing a research paper for an international journal or your own Ph.D. thesis, citations form an important part, and citations need to be added as per MLA format, which requires the use of Hanging Indent.

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How to check word count on Google Docs- 2 Easy Methods

how to check word count on Google docs

Google docs have become an integral part of content writing, be it writing articles for newspapers, digital media platforms, quarterly reports, or developing content for your own blog, and check the word count on Google docs so that the content is within an acceptable word count depending on the audience. The objective may be either …

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2 Best Ways to Change Margins in Google Docs

How to Change Margins in Google Docs : 2 Best Methods

Google docs is a web-based online word processor offered by Google similar to the likes of Microsoft Word. All users who have a Gmail account can use this service for free. This post will explore the two best ways to add or change Margins in Google Docs.

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Cloudflare Add User / Remove User – How to Easily Share Access

Cloudflare add user remove user- Share DNS account access

Cloudflare add user is an amazing feature provided by Cloudflare for free that every DNS service provider or every domain name registrar must provide. Cloudflare multi-user account feature can be used to grant access to multiple users to manage & control Cloudflare settings of multiple websites. Cloudflare invite members functionality allows the account owner to …

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Cloudflare Restore Visitor IP in 3 Steps with mod_remoteip – How to

cloudflare restore original visitor ip address

Cloudflare restore visitor IP address of the end-user in all the server logs by utilizing the header CF-Connecting-IP header.

Cloudflare being the fastest Free DNS provider with a presence in more than 100 countries and one of the most commonly used CDN(Content delivery network). Most of us use Cloudflare as the primary DNS provider or authoritative DNS in place of the default DNS service provided by the domain registrar.

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